General studies bits

  • A clock reads 10.30. If hours hand points to East, In what direction minutes hand points?


  • Find the wrong number in the series-3,6,11,17,27,38


  • Using a rocket engine made through indigenous technology, ISRO placed 2211 kg INSAT3DR satellite in orbit in September 2016. The name of the engine is :


  • Who is called as the father of India Space Programmer ?

    Vikram Sarabhai

  • HIB vaccine was prepared by Serum Institute of India. Where is it locked?


  • Summits of Western Ghats are covered with

    Laterite Soils

  • Kanyakumari is located

    North of the Equator

  • Which of the following two districts are not covered by Pranahita- Chevella lift irrigation scheme?

    Khamman- Mahbubnagar

  • Alisagar Deer Park is located in the district of


  • The most extensive soil cover of Telangana State

    Red Soil