General studies bits

  • Largest public sector bank in India among the following is

    State Bank of India

  • Among the following, the major beneficiary state due to the implementation of green revolution in 1960s was


  • The slogan "Palle Palle Pattala Paiki" has been used during which of the following agitation?

    Sakala Janula Samme

  • The first student who first committed suicide during the later phase of Telangana Movement?

    Srikanta Chary

  • Pranab Mukherji committee was appointed in which years?


  • The announcement with regard to the formation of Telangana Rashtra Samithi was made at which of the following place?

    Jala Drushyam

  • The Vice-Chancellor who openly supported 1969 Telangana Movement is?

    R. Satyanaryana

  • What is the formula announced by Indira Gandhi to assuage Telangana Movement in 1969?

    Eight point formula

  • What was the organization formed by Telangana NRI Assiciation to support the Telangana Movement?

    Telangana Development Forum

  • If M is sitting to the north of N and P is sitting to the East of N. In what direction is P sitting to M?