General studies bits

  • Which is the oldest Veda ?


  • Who is the prime minister of india?

    Narendra Modi

  • 'Barren Island' which is the only active Volcano in India is situated in which part of India?


  • American Presidential Elections are held at, every_____years


  • who is the First Women appointed recently as the Director General of the sashastra seema Bal (SSB)?

    Archana Ramasundaram

  • Who is the President of cuba at present?

    Raul castro

  • What is the present name of the BRICS Development Bank?

    New Development Bank

  • Which film was selected as the Best Picture in the 87th Academy(Oscar) Awards for the year 2014?


  • The Nuclear Security Summit, 2016 was held at

    Washington DC

  • What is "BHIM"/

    It is a re-branded version of UPI and USSD