General studies bits

  • According to the 2011 Census data, the most literate state after Kerala is


  • Nick name of the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt who created an unprecedented record in Rio Olympics 2016 is

    Lightning Bolt

  • Which of the following rivers is the tributary of the Cauvery river?

    Amaravathi, Hemavathi, Shimsha.

  • Legendary Boxer Muhammad Ali, considered as the greatest of all time passed away recently. He was a national of


  • Who is the recently elected Prime Minister of Nepal?

    Pushpakumar Dahal Prachanda

  • Which of the following States became the First State in India to lunch DNA Index System (DIS) for DNA profiling of criminals.

    Andhra Pradesh

  • India has successfully test-fired the Surface to Air missile Barak-8 recently. This missile has been developed in collaboration with


  • Which of the following is the nearest meaning of the word 'IMMINENT'?

    Likely to happen very soon

  • Identify the word that is not close to the meaning of 'LETHARGY'


  • I should not get up early tomorrow_____?

    Should I