Reasoning ability bits

  • Lalit goes to East 8km and turning to South-West he goes 8km. After this he turns to North-West and goes 8km. Now in which direction is he from the starting point ?


  • Five people are sitting in a circle facing to the centre and are playing cards. Mukund is to the left of Rajesh. Vijay is between Anil and Nagesh and is to the right of Anil. Who is sitting to the right of Nagesh ?


  • A person walks 10km to North. From there he walks 6km to South. After this he walks 3km to East. In which direction and how far is he now from the starting point ?

    5km, North-East

  • Daughter of the only son of the father of my father's sister is to me ...........


  • Kamal is the son of Sheela. The son of the daughter of Kamal's grand father has only one maternal uncle. What relation does this uncle has with Sheela ?


  • My brother is 352 days older to me while my sister is 65 weeks older to him. If my sister was born on Saturday, on which day was I born ?


  • If by looking in a mirror it appears that it is 9:30 in the clock, what is the real time ?


  • If the day after tomorrow be Friday. What day would have been on Yesterday ?


  • Jyoti remembers that her brother's birthday is after 17th but before 21st Feb. while her brother remembers that his birthday is after 19th but before 24th Feb. On which date is his birthday ?

    10th Feb.

  • If Sunday falls on fifth day after from today i.e. 6th January, what was the day on 1st Dec. of last year ?