Reasoning ability bits

  • 35 girls are standing in a row facing the school building. Amrita is thirteenth from the left end. If she is shifted three places to the right then what is her position from the right end ?


  • A's mother is mother-in-law of the father of D. D is brother of E while A is father of H. How is A related to D ?

    Maternal Uncle

  • If J is brother of K, L is sister of J, M is brother of N, N is daughter of K, and O is father of L, then who is uncle of M ?


  • There are five persons P, Q, R, S and T of different heights. P is shorter than only Q. R is taller than S. S is not the shortest. Who among the following are taller than R ?

    Only P and Q

  • Point Q is 2m towards north of Point P. Point R is 2m towards east of Point Q. Point S is 4m towards south of Point R. Point T is 5m towards west of Point S. In which direction is Point P with respect to Point T?


  • In a row of children facing north, P sits 13th from the left and Q sits 7th from the left. R, who sits exactly between P and Q, is 5th from the right end. What is the total number of children sitting in the row?


  • What will come in next in the series BDC, EGF, HJI, KML, ........?


  • Find out the different one from "Barometer, Thermometer, Diameter, Lactometer, Beambalance".


  • Find out the different one from "Gentle, Citizen, Impertinent, Humble, Naughty".


  • Find out the different one from "Gallon, Ton, Quintal, Kilogram, Pound".